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It’s always on a full moon

Wrecked my bike earlier today… abrasions/road rash on my right arm, hip, & shoulder, concussion & bruises on my head/face, busted helmet, taco’d front wheel, screwed-up rear derailleur, probably more stuff I dunno. The chain got bound up when I was standing & shifting to get up a climb and I got flipped over the bars doing 20ish mph and it hurt quite a bit. Here’s a lesson for you noobs - wear your goddamn helmet. Because I didn’t get hit by a car, I didn’t get a flat while riding at 50 mph, I didn’t hit a tree, I just had a mechanical and I was riding at a relatively normal speed. But if it weren’t for that helmet I probably wouldn’t be posting on Tumblr for a good while, and I still have bruises on my face and up along my temple. (Some not-great pictures of the aftermath are on my other blog). My parents & brother took me into the ER because even though I felt alright the bruises on my noggin looked like a possible skull fracture. Got the x-rays of my neck and wrist back, everything was fine, I’m still a mess but only skin-wise.

But whatever, if I can get myself and the bike fixed up in time for the races this weekend I still plan to go to Marquette for the Bike Jam and do my best. I’ll keep y’all posted.

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